Senior management restructure at Bestway Wholesale

There’s been a senior management reshuffle at Bestway as the cash and carry giant aims to brings its wholesale and retail arms closer together.

The move has come on the back of Bestway’s acquisition of the Costcutter Supermarkets Group (CSG) in 2020, with the business seeing a more unified approach as the best way to harness its scale and talent.

The changes will see former CSG retail director Mike Hollis appointed as Bestway Retail Director, leading a new retail division in York that is focused on independent retailers.

Hollis will report into Bestway Managing Director Dawood Pervez, with five further people – Paul Adams, Duncan Jelfs, Clive Binks, Frankie Haynes and Jamie Davison – forming the leadership team.

“Our new structure will undoubtedly continue to shape and evolve over the coming months whilst unlocking customer value and streamlining efficiencies within the combined business,” said Pervez.

“We believe that we now have the talent and resources in place to partner with our retailers, support them, and help them grow in a dynamic marketplace.

“Bestway is the leading voice for independent retailers in the UK.  The breadth of our offer means that we are a genuine force in the market and can now meet the needs of any retailer.”

As part of the restructure, all buying and marketing teams will come under the leadership of new Group Trading Director Kenton Burchell and be managed centrally for cash and carry, convenience, off license, catering, pet specialist and export customers.

Bestway sees the business as now having centre of excellence for cash and carry, catering, and export in Park Royal, pets in Huddersfield and two key retail support centres in Crewe and York.

“We have extraordinary talent within our business and the time is right to make changes as an important step in delivering future growth and ensuring we continue to meet the needs of our customers as behaviours change and opportunities grow,” Pervez added.

“We’re now bringing together our Off Licence led business in Crewe (including our Bargain Booze and Wine Rack Brands) and Convenience-led business in York (including our Costcutter and sub- brands Mace, Kwiksave, Simply Fresh, Supershop brands) and Best-one convenience, as one team within Bestway Retail.

“Importantly, we will continue to operate out of both sites, which will each become a centre of excellence for Off-Licence and Convenience respectfully. Our new structure will optimise our ways of working within the Bestway teams, with our customers and our supplier partners.

“The approach that we have taken blends centrally managed services with localised, specialist expertise aligned to our key locations in the UK.  Additional services that will be managed centrally include procurement, fleet and insurance services, legal and financial controllership.

“We have built fantastic momentum over the past year which has seen added further strength and impetus to our business.  We want to build on this recent momentum to optimise our potential trade during the coming months an ensure we have the right team, in the right place, to continue this exciting journey with us”.

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