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Breakfast briefings next on Women in Wholesale menu

A series of one-hour breakfast briefings are set to be launched by Women in Wholesale.

The organisation, which is now officially partnered with FWD, will hold an array of sessions on different topics, including developing a successful mindset at work and dealing with the menopause, to building and nurturing a winning culture.

The briefings are designed to keep people within the Women in Wholesale network motivated and connected.

“We have many inspiring people in our network who have great stories to tell,” said FWD Chair Coral Rose.

“There’s a great appetite for online learning so we’re responding with a monthly breakfast session between now and our October conference.”

A focus on wellbeing strategies is first on the menu and will feature wholesalers and brands that are successfully addressing mental health at work.

What’s more, Women in Wholesale is also funding 10 managers to be training as mental health first aiders thanks to the support of its sponsors.

The online course will lead to each of the managers earning a certification that’s accredited by The Royal Society for Public Health and the Department of Health.

The first breakfast briefing takes place at 9.30am on Thursday 3 June with registration open, with people interested in putting their names down for the mental health training also available now.

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