B2B.Store Enterprise to offer “enhanced” service

B2B.store has launched a new e-commerce platform to enhance its offering.

Called b2b.store Enterprise, the new platform is available internationally and uses existing architecture to provide a range of advanced customisation, automation and integrations functions that support more complex e-commerce needs.

The idea is that Enterprise will be a better fit to support larger and multi-national businesses.

Features available through b2b.store Enterprise include:
  • Advanced custom pricing – allowing businesses to handle millions of lines of pricing variations for different customers and products
  • ERP integration
  • Multi depot capabilities
  • Access to unrivalled business intelligence (BI)
  • Enhanced barcode scanning – enabling businesses to link their e-commerce platform to barcode scanning, stock levels and ordering systems
  • Complete control over adverts, carousels, promotions and coupons
  • Advanced integration that means the platform knows everything that’s happening everywhere in the platform within seconds
  • Automation to drive productivity savings and business growth
“Our freemium b2b.store offer has proved extremely popular since its launch last year, allowing wholesalers up and down the county to get their businesses online quickly and effectively during a difficult period for the whole industry,” said b2b.store CEO Rob Mannion.
“By basing our Enterprise offer around our existing b2b.store code, we are able to develop more complex, fully-integrated solutions at speed while offering more advanced customisation, automation and integration functionality for larger domestic and global B2B businesses.
“Whether you’re selling nationally to a domestic market or exporting to multiple locations, b2b.store Enterprise offers both the language and international communications features you need to sell more while delivering an intuitive, user-friendly experience for your customers.”
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