JW Filshill Wellbeing Group

Mental wellbeing central to JW Filshill business

JW Filshill has pledged to put mental health and wellbeing at the “heart of everything we do” as the wholesaler aims to support staff.

Spearheaded by Health and Safety Manager Amanda Casey, the strategy aims to ensure all Filshill employees are getting the assistance they need should their mental health is suffering – just as they would for a physical problem.

Casey only joined the Scottish wholesaler last year and after initially helping staff negotiate the issues presented by the Covid-19 pandemic, she has expanded her remit to focus on mental health as a whole.

Among a host of initiatives, employees working at home were provided online training and given regular wellbeing calls, while 20 trained mental health first aiders were appointed across the business.

“In a busy wholesale operation like ours it is easy to associate health and safety with the safe operation of equipment like forklifts in our depot and drivers handling deliveries,” said Casey.

“So once we were confident the workplace was secure from a Covid perspective, our focus became the wellbeing of employees.”

Another key move was to set up a Wellness Group to encourage colleagues to take part in activities together.

“With the Wellness Group and organised activities such as hillwalking, a bootcamp in the car park and a hugely successful step challenge, we bridge the gap between homeworkers and those on site to promote the physical health and mental wellbeing of all employees,” Casey added.

“Activities are based around culture, sleep, exercise, meaningful activities, social connection, helping others, and stress management.

“It’s been hugely successful and there are some colleagues who would not normally engage in these types of things who are now really keen to get involved and spend time with colleagues in their own departments and those they don’t work so closely with. It’s definitely boosted everyone’s spirits.”

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