The five trends foodservice can’t ignore

Wholesaler Bidfood reveals the hottest food and drink dining trends for 2022 and beyond as the UK moves into a much-changed environment for foodservice


The main reasons people are going out for food and drink are all social or celebratory. This trend is all about how people are treating themselves and what it takes to make occasions that little bit more special, from offering little bits of luxury such as decadent desserts, to experiential-style dining and activities.


A focus on sustainability is continuing to grow – in fact, three out of four people are now trying to lead an environmentally friendly lifestyle. This inevitably has a significant knock-on effect on what consumers are looking for on menus, with a desire for more ethical consumption driving their choices.


Health has never been more popular, but not necessarily in the ways people previously talked about it. With seven out of 10 adults now trying to lead a healthier lifestyle in new, unique ways and eight out of 10 more health conscious when looking at menus, it’s a shift the sector can’t ignore.

As healthy food is subjective, operators need to look at all aspects – from classics like less sugar or calories, to ingredients. And with one in three people also looking to reduce alcohol, there’s lots to consider.


Consumers are more eager than ever to support the British economy, which is not surprising given the impact of the pandemic and Brexit. As many as 56% of UK adults are making decisions on where to eat out based on the venue’s policy of sourcing British products and 86% of adults are choosing British cuisine more often
than they did in 2019.


Since Covid-19 hit, the ongoing travel restrictions and uncertainty have driven many of us to seek adventure through different means, such as food and drink – meaning consumers are more experimental with their choices. In fact, six in 10 people are now choosing to visit venues that offer new and interesting cuisines, making 2022 the perfect year for operators to tap into those cuisines previously considered to be off the beaten track.

Macro social trends

Alongside the food and drink dining trends shaping the industry for 2022, there are a range of wider macro social trends that have also become increasingly apparent among Bidfood’s research. These trends continue to reveal shifts in consumer attitudes, behaviours and lifestyles, as well as showing that economic, social and sustainable influences are changing how we think, make decisions and act.

> A focus on community and ethics to highlight a brand’s caring side
> Consumers crave experiences and are drawn to fun, immersive social experiences and activities
> Flexible working and changing lifestyles are having a big impact on the choices people are making
> Digital has never been bigger, with the rise of technology across the industry – from Deliver to digital dining in


“This year, we’re excited to see that the food and drink trends surfacing are all about adventure and experience, giving chefs lots of scope for creativity. Unsurprisingly, consumers are looking for something a bit special on menus to look forward to, balanced against a clear desire to live a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.

“For our 2022 trends, we’ve worked with CGA to run our own exclusive research, which not only surveys consumers but also draws from the opinions of food influencers, as well as a futurist. This means that we can help customers look further ahead, and future proof their menus.”

Continental cuisines for 2022

Peruvian: With a vibrant mix of exotic flavours built from Japanese, Spanish and Arabic influences

Scandinavian: Well-loved for its simplicity and fresh ingredients, focusing on ancient cooking methods such as preserving, smoking, pickling and salting

Burmese: The most niche of the trends, boasting unique tastes with familiar formats such as noodles and curries

Pacific Rim: This highlights key dishes associated with health, such as fresh poke bowls

Filipino: These cuisines are the perfect combination of sweet, sour and salty flavours, appealing to a variety of consumer palates

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