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Vegan sales rocket for wholesaler Hancocks

Confectionery wholesaler Hancocks has registered a significant increase in vegan sweet sales.

In the past year, annual sales have doubled as Brits have been inspired to consider a more vegan lifestyle, with recent figures suggesting 7% of the UK population is vegetarian and 3% vegan.

That rise is also reflected in the number of vegan lines the wholesaler sells, with Swedish confectionery brand Bubs’ vegan options and Kingsway Pick and Mix proving particularly popular.

“Veganism has been a growing trend in the UK over recent years and one which shows no signs of slowing down,” said Hancocks Marketing Communications Manager Chris Smith. “As a wholesaler stocking the very best range of confectionery, it’s important that our range reflects societal trends.

“We’re introducing new vegan ranges throughout the year, not just to mark veganuary, and are seeing interest from the retailers who buy from us grow all the time.

“Swedish brand Bubs is popular among customers looking for vegan options as is our own Kingsway brand of pick and mix. Great vegan options include the Jelly Giant Strawberries and Fizzy Cola Bottles as well as the retro Flying Saucers.

“Big brands are also responding to the sales potential with plant-based chocolate and popular jelly sweets now being advertised as being vegan.”

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