Brakes calories

Calorie-labelling support available for Brakes customers

A number of new resources have been created to help Brakes customers tackle regulations requiring businesses to display calorie information.

With new rules coming into force in England on 6 April 2022 for large businesses with more than 250 employees to display information of non-pre-packed food and soft drinks whether consumed on or off premises, some customers have raised a need for support.

A series of exclusions and complications within the regulations mean there the regulations aren’t necessarily straightforward to follow or action, so Brakes has put together practical guides and a two-part webinar to help.

In addition, Brakes has partnered with Nutritics to launch Virtual Chef, which makes the entire process simple. Virtual Chef is a recipe-management tool, feeding from a live list of Brakes’ products and incorporating highlighted allergen and nutritional information.

This helps save time and lowers risk by reducing human error and avoids having to separately enter data for allergens and calories.

With a bespoke label design functionality, outlets can easily comply with legislation for adding calories to menus and providing relevant allergen information.

“The feedback we’ve received from customers is that some are unsure about this upcoming legislation and how it applies to them,” said Brakes Technical Director, Gerry Thomas.

“We’ve therefore tried to create a range of resources that make it as easy as possible for individual operators to ensure that they are compliant with the new rules.”

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