Hunt's Food Group Ukraine donation

Ukraine donation made by Hunt’s Food Group drivers

Hunt’s Food Group offered their support for the people affected by the war in Ukraine by organising a supplies drop.

The Caterforce member provided essential supplies to help those most affected by the Russian invasion and made the delivery to the Polish border in late-March.

Four of Hunt’s drivers – Keith, Kev, Marick and Stirling – embarked on a trip across Europe to deliver two lorries loaded with essentials including toiletries, nappies, and sleeping bags and drove them to a warehouse on the Polish border. The supplies were then collected the following day and distributed to Ukrainian refugees.

The donation was inspired by the quartet, who saw the Help for Ukraine Taunton Facebook page and approached the wholesaler’s senior team about making the trip.

“It was wonderful to be able to do our bit to help the people of Ukraine who were so in need of the supplies we were able to take over,” said Keith Snook, one of the foursome to make the trip.

“The support we had from the business was fantastic and we couldn’t have carried out this journey without it.”

The journey to make the donation was documented on Hunt’s Food Group’s Twitter and was accompanied by blog posts on the wholesaler’s website.

‘’We’re so proud of our drivers who have committed their time to organise and take this trip on their own initiative,” said Managing Director Thomas Hunt.

“We’re absolutely delighted to have been able to support them in their trip by providing the vehicles and the resource to travel to Poland. We know it will have made such a difference to those in need.”

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