JJ launches ‘My Shopping Lists’ to help caterers to plan ahead

The new feature on the JJ Foodservice website and app is designed to help caterers to make great savings by planning ahead

Chief Technology Officer for JJ Foodservice, Mick Dudley, said, “With the cost of living increasing, planning menus and budgets more carefully has become even more important.”

The Shopping Lists feature allows you to create, save and edit shopping lists in advance, then add them to your basket when you are ready to place the order.

The new feature is particularly handy for caterers who need to place different orders on different days. “A restaurant might need a top up of fresh fruit and vegetables mid-week then a bigger order of drinks, meats and poultry ahead of the weekend,” said Mick.

Lists can be created from the ‘My Shopping Lists’ tab from the side menu on the website or app. To place the order, simply select the list, add it to your basket and check out.

More than 80% of JJ Foodservice sales come from orders placed online and growing. “That’s why we’re always thinking of new ways to improve the online experience,” said Mick.

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