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Wholesalers donate 570,000 school holiday meals

The UK’s food and drink wholesalers are helping children enjoy the school holidays by getting more than half a million meal equivalents onto their plates since the end of June.

The wholesalers have donated surplus stock equivalent to around 300,000 meals* and unsold food from their customers in foodservice and hospitality bring the total to 570, 000 meals.

The sector’s efforts have contributed to Fareshare enabling more than 800,000 meals to be given to those in need since school holidays began in Scotland and Northern Ireland. FareShare’s Regional Centres have sent out over 3,600 tonnes of food to frontline charities across the UK, of which 90% is good-to-eat surplusrescued from farms, factories, wholesalers and retailers.

Fareshare’s Commercial Manager Hilary Nithsdale said: “The variety of food we’re able to provide by rescuing good-to-eat surplus gives families more flexibility and choice. Over 75% of our charities report that working with FareShare has helped them access more fresh fruit and veg in particular.

“Over 2 million children across the UK are facing food insecurity, a figure which has risen sharply since the start of the year. During the school holidays, many parents face extra pressure as they struggle to make up the gap left by free school meals, or try to balance childcare costs against their working hours.

“By working with thousands of local charities that reach children and families across the UK, we can relieve some of that pressure and help families and children enjoy the summer.”

Bidfood is one of the larger food distributors supporting Fareshare. CEO Andrew Selley said: “We are glad that so many families have benefited from Bidfood and the wider wholesale sector. FareShare is an excellent charity to be part of.”

 If your business would like to partner with Fareshare to reduce food waste and help keep our communities fed please contact Hilary.Nithsdale@fareshare.org.uk

 *Estimated using the WRAP conversion

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