Hancocks right on TikTok trend with latest stock

Confectionery wholesaler Hancocks has stocked up on products starring in the viral platter board trend on TikTok – and are encouraging retailers to do the same.

The Unitas member is primed and ready with a range of bright and colourful sweets that may be in greater demand because of the social media craze.

The platter board trend involves guests each bringing a platter board to a party depending on the theme of the night.

Hosts and guests prepare a platter with sweets and snacks that vary in size and in colour to create a really eye-catching board.

The trend has been used for occasions like birthday parties and gender reveals, so ensuring retailers are stocked up on relevant products for these kinds of events is really important.

Popular products that would be featured include small items of confectionery that would fit on a platter board like Swizzels Love Hearts and Swizzels Drumstick Squashies.

Kingsway’s pick and mix products will also be popular, in particular pink and blue sweets to be used at a gender reveal such as the Pink and White Mini Heart Mallows and the Blue Paintballs, exclusive to Hancocks.

“We think it’s important to keep retailers on top of recent trends so they know exactly what their customers are after,” said Hancocks’ Marketing Communications Manager, Chris Smith.

“The platter trend went viral on TikTok and we think it’s going to be popular for people throwing events like bridal showers, baby showers, gender reveals and birthday parties this summer.

“That’s why we’re encouraging retailers to stay stocked up on the kinds of products that people would incorporate into a fun sweets platter.

“This includes smaller confectionery products that would fit on a serving board as well as fun and bright sweets that stand out as part of a really lovely and eye-catching display.”

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