Plan for Profit to launch retailer HFSS product check tool

Independent retailers are being supported as the new High Fat, Sugar and Salt legislation comes into force this autumn with a brand-new product check tool from Plan for Profit, Unitas Wholesale’s retailer platform

The new regulations, which come into effect in October 2022, will affect thousands of independent retailers in England, depending on the size of their store and how many employees they have. Products that are high in fat, sugar and salt, such as confectionery, biscuits and soft drinks, will not be allowed to be placed in high footfall areas like checkouts, end-of-aisle units, store entrances, and designated queueing areas in affected stores.

“With many brands set to reformulate their key lines to ensure compliance, it is important retailers are aware of the products this new legislation affects,” said Tracey Redfearn, Plan for Profit Controller.

“The Plan for Profit HFSS product check tool allows retailers to identify which of their stocked lines are HFSS compliant, as well as those that are impacted so they can make an informed decision about potential changes to their product range.”

The impact on retailers will grow further in October 2023 when a ban on volume based promotions, such as ‘buy one get one free’, is introduced. There will also be TV and online advertising restrictions for HFSS products from January 2024.

The HFSS product check tool will be available for retailers to access from mid-September at

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