Bestway Wholesale raises funds to help Pakistan

Bestway Wholesale, whose family roots are firmly embedded in Pakistan, has announced immediate fundraising support for the victims of the devastating floods that are continuing to batter communities – thought to be the worst natural disaster to hit the country in recent memory

Working with the Bestway Foundation, the Wholesale arm is raising funds through depot collections and The Foundation intends to work closely with world charities on the ground and deliver aid to those that need it the most through its support networks in Pakistan.

Bestway Group, the country’s leading foreign investor, has announced financial and material support to the people of Pakistan of US$1 million. The Group currently owns the United Bank Limited (the 2nd largest private bank in Pakistan) and Bestway Cement (the 2nd largest cement manufacturer in Pakistan).

Speaking of the disaster, Dawood Pervez, Managing Director for Bestway Wholesale – whose father Sir Anwar Pervez (Founder and Chairman of the Bestway Group), was born in Pakistan – said, “We are deeply saddened by the tragic loss of life and destruction that has been caused by this terrible flooding across Pakistan.

“As a company which has retained its heritage and links to Pakistan to this day, we want to do all we can to support the recovery efforts and help those that need help the most. We know how desperate the situation is right now before disease and further suffering sets in.

“The significant investment already made by Bestway Group allows us to actively provide immediate relief; and by working in partnership with local businesses and financial institutions we are putting in place long-term sustainable measures so that we can rehabilitate the masses effected by this national tragedy.”

“We are now appealing to all our supply partners, friends, customers and colleagues to join with us and support this cause to help the people of Pakistan.”

It is estimated that the death toll in Pakistan has exceeded 1,000 since the monsoon rains began but hundreds of thousands more people have been left without homes or shelter, and many without food. The figures continue to rise daily.

Pervez continues: “We know Pakistan is already reeling from economic and political crises and for months the country has been suffering from double-digit inflation, driven by soaring food and fuel prices.

“Our Bestway Foundation is well-placed to support and help with this crisis – to date we have raised nearly £40m for charities across Pakistan and Europe and we are doing all we can to ensure funds can be deployed swiftly to get aid to those who desperately need it.”

As part of its ongoing commitments, Bestway Group has to date donated in excess of US$22 million to the health and education sectors in Pakistan. During the recent Covid pandemic the Group donated substantial sums to aid relief activities.

Those wishing to donate to the Bestway Foundation’s fundraising can visit their Just Giving page.

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