Latest FWD members explain their offer

The latest FWD member recruits, Acdoco and Adventoris, grab their chance to explain what they’re offering to the wholesale sector

Alison O’Brien, Managing Director, Acdoco
James Clarkson, CEO, Adventoris (pictured above)

You have to make an elevator pitch about your company. How would you describe it?

AOB: Acdoco is a wholly owned subsidiary of Delta Pronatura, the international 170 million euro business behind the Dr Beckmann household and laundry brand – all fully approved by the Good Housekeeping Institute. We are a fast-growing family business and occupy the number-one spot in four key categories in the UK: carpet cleaning; washing machine cleaning; pet stain removal; and whitening.

JC: We help B2B companies sell digitally.

Adventoris is an innovative tech company based in the heart of Yorkshire who specialises in developing the best in B2B software, including a customisable app, a desktop portal and a sales manager app, all designed with wholesale ordering in mind.

Mimicking the functionality of EDI ordering, SwiftCloud integrates with the majority of ERP systems, allowing your customers instant access to up-to-date product pricing and details, along with 24/7 ordering.

What’s the latest in your business?

AOB: The business has doubled here in the UK in the past five years and it’s our ambition to do the same again. Our new Pioneer purpose and strategy will help to unlock growth on existing products through new channels and launch breakthrough innovation in line with the needs of consumers, shoppers, customers and our planet. The brand is supported by ATL on our top products, along with a steady stream of award-winning PR and an army of ‘cleanfluencers’ regularly posting about the brand.

JC: We’re going from strength to strength. We’re on the cusp of hitting a milestone 200 clients all utilising the SwiftCloud platform, with a combined annual turnover of £5 billion.

Among those clients are prestigious names such as Pukka Pies, Natco and A.G. Barr.

We’ve also recently seen record combined monthly numbers for order value and order volume going through the platform with monthly users growing consistently, which for us is a true testament to the platform. As well as the platform statistics, our team are growing rapidly too and we’re investing heavily in developing new and exciting features for the platform.

What can you offer FWD’s membership?

AOB: For the wholesale sector, we offer a tight range of must-stock lines that deliver incremental sales and margin for wholesalers and retailers alike. The Dr Beckmann promise delivers against efficacy, trust, value for money and consistency, essentially, they ‘do what they say on the tin’. Brand awareness is high at almost 70% because of this and our extensive TV, social, print, in-store and PR activity. As we head into challenging economic times, our products ensure clothes, carpets, furniture and appliances can last longer and are there for shoppers in ‘distress’ when accidents and spills happen; ideal for the impulse/convenience sector.

JC: We offer an opportunity to join some of the UK’s biggest wholesalers in digitising their ordering process utilising the SwiftCloud platform. We pride ourselves on our platform and our mission is to help wholesalers get the absolute best out of their ordering procedures.

Our friendly team of B2B experts are always ready to help guide and inform. The experienced SwiftCloud implementation team will walk you through your onboarding step by step, operating with honesty and integrity, helping you to get your data in order and your app live in no time. Our team will always go the extra mile to make it as easy for you as possible.

Our customer success team can help with advertising your new platform to your customers, with a step-by-step guide to making your platform a success with both your team and your customers

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