Clive’s Purely Plants vegan bakery range

Clive’s Purely Plants has launched a new foodservice range of organic, plant-based pies, gluten-free tarts, sharing quiches and snacking rolls

The new range has been launched to help cafes, restaurants, bars and delis tap into the growing plant-based market.

Among the new releases are four hot pies in puff pastry with some of the brand’s tasty favourite fillings including Creamy Mushroom and popular Saag Aloo. Plus, the newly developed Red Pepper Harissa Quiche and a Tomato & Olive tart in gluten-free pastry, as well as a new range of handheld ‘soysage’ rolls – plant-based treats to take advantage of food-to-go opportunities.

Clive's Purely Plants Foodservice plant-based products