New member corner: Lodge Service

Where the latest FWD supplier members grab their chance to explain what they’re offering to the wholesale sector

Heidi Laybourn, Intelligence & Partnerships Manager, Lodge Service

You have to makee an elevator pitch about your company. How would you describe it?

You can protect your profits by cutting the cost of losses from theft, damage and accidents with security protection from the largest independent security services provider in the UK

Lodge Service can help you safeguard your stock and assets, including vehicles, plant and equipment. It’s a fast, efficient and low-cost solution and you can find out more with a free logistics security survey.

Lodge Service is a trusted security provider and partner to retailers and retail suppliers for more than 100 years, as a third-generation
family business.

What are the latest things your business is focusing on?

Crime is on the rise and police response has been falling because of a lack of resources. That’s why businesses must take their security seriously, whether it’s the direct impact of theft and damage on their profits or the business disruption that can result.

And it’s why we are working directly with FWD members now, with remote monitoring of CCTV and alarms, backed by 24-7  and emergency call-out, for your peace of mind and profit protection.

What can you offer FWD’s membership and the wholesale sector?

We offer end-to-end security protection for warehouses, vehicles, goods in transit, stock and assets, as well as for staff and transport personnel.

Security services include CCTV and alarm installation and monitoring, vehicle tracking, manned guarding, keyholding and 24-7 security response.

Driver Controlled Deliveries for out-of-hours delivery are a special feature: remote monitoring of vehicles and their arrival, including entry and unloading, safely and securely.

Are there any innovations in the pipeline you’d like to shout about?

Artificial intelligence is reducing costs and delivering better security. For example, new intelligent systems for CCTV, with facial recognition and the ability to identify potential security risks by analysing how people move and unusual activity.

Lodge Service continually monitors new developments in security so that you can benefit from proven advances that save you time and money.

You benefit from our ‘hybrid strategy’, which employs the best of technology together with experienced security guards and managers. So you get intelligent, efficient protection. Book a free security survey to find out more.

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