Veganuary customer support from Brakes

To help customers drive incremental income from the Veganuary opportunity, Brakes has launched a package of support

This includes calorie-counted, nutritionally analysed menu options to add stand out vegan dishes to any menu as well as a new vegan hub at, providing video content with hints and tips to increase plant-based options on the menu. There are also promotions on products throughout December and January to help operators make the most of Veganuary.

“We’ve created our most comprehensive package for Veganuary to date, as we see an increasing number of chefs wanting to add menu options for January,” said Mandy Van Hagen, Brakes Sector Marketing Manager. “Although January has become a focal point for vegan food, we are very focused on making sure that we have a range that works throughout the year and that’s why we believe that we have the biggest range in foodservice.”

Brakes’ campaign will see the number of vegan alternatives grow to more than 350 products, including a range of tasty new products for Veganuary 2023, such as Brakes vegan and gluten-free Blackforest Dessert, Tofoo Straight to Wok and Falafel.

Brakes Mandy van Hagen vegan Veganuary