‘Historic’ Brexit trade agreement recognises wholesale

The UK and EU have broken Brexit gridlock in a ‘historic’ agreement that is set to replace the original Northern Ireland protocol

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and EU commission leader Ursula von der Leyen announced the ‘Windsor Framework’ following months of negotiation.

The framework, which will deliver ‘smooth-flowing trade within the whole of the UK’ will centre on a green and red lane system to ease the flow of goods moving from Great Britain to Northern Ireland while reducing Irish sea border checks.

FWD has welcomed the announcement: “We are very pleased that wholesale is specifically listed as within the scope of the Windsor Framework for the Trusted Trader scheme,” said James Bielby, Chief Executive, FWD.

“This is great news for the distributors who supply shops, restaurants, schools and hospitals in Northern Ireland with products brought in from Great Britain. While there are still logistical challenges for those who sell those products on both sides of the Irish border, this announcement provides very welcome clarity which will help wholesalers plan ahead and provide a better service to their customers.”

The announcement has also been welcomed by the Food and Drink Federation, the Northern Ireland Retail Consortium, British Frozen Food Federation and the Cold Chain Federation.

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