Wholesalers roll out WhatsApp to retailers

Two wholesalers have launched WhatsApp to support their retailers with direct digital communications

Bestway and Sugro have both extended their digital services to include WhatsApp for customers, with both wholesalers launching this week.

Once retailers have opted into the service, wholesalers can share customer offers, personalised deals, promotions, advertising, brochures and news for their regional area. It can also be used for payment and credit control.

“B2B WhatsApp is a powerful tool that can be used in a variety of ways, and we believe it could be a real asset to our wholesaler members and their customers. The aim is to deploy the WhatsApp solution across over 16,000 retail stores which the group members supply products to on a regular basis,” said Yulia Petitt, Sugro’s Head of Commercial and Marketing.

“We see WhatsApp as a great means to get messages out to customers quickly in a secure
environment that can track engagement through read receipts and clicks.”

Dawood Pervez, Managing Director, Bestway Wholesale said: “More businesses are relying on innovative technology with the use of apps to reach customers such as WhatsApp as a communication business tool, and Bestway believes that communicating to customers directly strengthens our relationship to provide tailored messages that they can easily access for the latest updates of the business.”

Both wholesalers are using B2B WhatsApp integration which is described by b2b.store CEO Rob Mannion as a ‘game changer’ with powerful customer engagement and customer retention.

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