JJ expands premium London range

Arriving just in time for summer menus, JJ Foodservice has added whole lobster, scallops and crab meat and fresh pasta to its range for London customers

Wild caught in the Northwest Atlantic Ocean, the lobsters are frozen and sold individually (1 x 350g) from just £11.99 per crustacean.

“Flaked into a lobster roll or mac and cheese, our cooked lobster can turn everyday favourites into menu showstoppers,” said Sezer Ozkul, Chief Product Officer, JJ Foodservice.

The new lines have been added following the success of JJ’s Advance Order fresh salmon, sea bass, sea bream, cod, and haddock, which launched in January this year.

All products are available at a promotional price until 31 May 2023.

JJ Foodservice Sezer Ozkul