New members: Distinct Distillers and Flintfox

Where the latest FWD supplier members grab their chance to explain what they have to offer to the wholesale sector

Hannah Boon, Distinct Distillers
John Moss, CEO, Flintfox

You have to make an elevator pitch about your company. How would you describe it?

HB: Distinct Distillers is a new premium spirits company that creates distinctive brands from scratch with a process that minimises waste and energy use as much as possible. Having worked in the industry, we’ve learned that we need to be quick to
innovate to bring customers what they want and we can do this much faster than large corporates. We also want to work closely together with our customers to help achieve mutual commercial benefit.

JM: Flintfox is a global leader in intelligent pricing software, transforming the way wholesalers manage and execute their pricing with pinpoint accuracy, helping them transition from time-consuming and error-prone spreadsheets to automated pricing execution. Wholesalers struggling to manage and maintain their margins in the face of inflation, inventory disruption, price changes and demand fluctuations can take back control with Flintfox’s Intelligent Pricing Platform.

What are the latest developments within the business?

HB: Rum is our focus as we think it has huge potential. Rum&Sum is our light, fruity range, which can be enjoyed with any mixer or used as a base for hassle-free cocktails. Distinct No 57 is our 57% quality white rum – a distinctive sipping rum or a luxury base for cocktails.

JM: Last year we relaunched our product suite and underwent a rebrand to really tap into our customers’ pain points and show how pricing as part of digital transformation is key to building business resilience. We launched a complete pricing solution that no other competitor can offer: the Flintfox IntelligentPricing Platform. Comprising four key functions designed especially for the wholesale industry – margin management, omnichannel pricing, rebate management, and our performance pricing engine – our Intelligent Pricing Platform empowers customers to maximise their margins and reduce revenue leakage.

What can you offer FWD’s membership and the wholesale sector?

HB: Previously, I was wholesale director at Diageo, so I appreciate the challenges faced not only against the grocers but also the high pressures of the cost of living crisis. I’ve always loved working in the channel and I want to support by providing products that add value for customers while giving something different to the sector. The convenience sector will be a priority for us when launching ranges, even offering some exclusive products along the way.

JM: Our pricing platform is designed to drive incremental gains for wholesalers by removing manual and error-prone pricing practices and preventing under-pricing. By giving wholesalers access to precise, real-time pricing data, Flintfox gives control back to organisations to ensure they hit their margin goals on every single SKU to help cope with the ongoing disruptions in the trading environment. With £2.65m lost in unclaimed rebates each year on average, our rebate management system eliminates lost revenue and improves vital cash flow.

Are there any innovations in the pipeline you’d like to shout about?

HB: We’ve got some big ideas for rum, so this is where we’ll continue to innovate and experiment, not only with flavours but also
distilling techniques to create something different for the category. Mindful of the inflationary pressures people are facing, we’re also launching an RTD price-marked range at £1.99 exclusive to wholesale, starting off with the classic G&T but with plenty of opportunity for extensions.

JM: As the pricing magicians we are, we can’t give away any secrets just yet, but what we can say is we are always thinking beyond existing solutions to keep our customers one step ahead.

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