Creed offers insight and support for foodservice operators

Creed Foodservice has produced a report shining a light on the crisis facing the hospitality sector and offers operators ideas on how to improve profitability

The Plates to Profit Report surveyed directors, owners, managers and chefs in restaurants, hotels and pubs, and brings to life the impact the pandemic, rising inflation and increasing food costs, together with the squeezed consumer purse, is having on their operations.

The Report reveals the number of restaurant, pub and hotel operators who are likely to close over the next three years, as well as the impact that business concerns are having on mental health.

Philip de Ternant, Managing Director at Creed Foodservice, said: “We all know the hospitality sector has taken a real hammering but to see the number of operators, who could very realistically be forced to close in the coming months, is sobering and stark.

“Our Plates to Profits Report is in part about genuinely understanding what state the sector is in but more so about giving operators advice, guidance and actionable ideas on how they can increase the profit on every plate they serve and drive maximum revenue into their establishment.

“The vast majority of operators (85%) told us they will need to increase their menu prices to stay financially viable. However, 83% are worried that if they do this it will alienate consumers and put them off visiting their establishment. They feel stuck between a rock and hard place.

“We’ve worked with our insights team, chefs, category specialists and senior figures to look at every aspect of an operation; from reducing food waste, maximising margins on dishes, navigating staff shortages to still create quality dishes, communicating the story behind the menu to consumers, utilising seasonal produce, recipe ideas and increasing prices through offering premium sides, high-quality specials and set menus. We’ve also liaised with some of our restaurant and pub customers who have also contributed thoughts to the Report.”

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