Q Catering takes offer online

In response to customer demand, Q Catering has launched a new online ordering system

The new system enables customers of the South East independent foodservice wholesaler to place orders at any time of day, create multiple shopping lists and view full product descriptions including sizing and allergens. The system allows credit card payments and orders are delivered on the next scheduled date, unless requested otherwise, and can be managed in the app and on desktop.

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new online ordering system in partnership with SwiftCloud, which marks a significant milestone for us,” said Nick Jennings, from Q Catering. “Our new online ordering system offers a seamless and convenient way to order an array of foodservice products, giving time back to chefs, hotel owners, school managers and more to focus on what they do best.”

In addition to the new system, Q Catering also offers web ordering through its B2B web portal.

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