Sell more, to more at FWD Live!

The wholesale sector came together for the FWD’s annual conference, FWD Live!, with a packed programme of speakers and subjects

The event, held for the first time at The Midland Hotel, Manchester, addressed many of the issues facing the sector currently, from the rising cost of doing business, to the importance of data and insight, but one key theme emerged as essential, regardless of your status as wholesaler, retailer, foodservice operative, supplier or service provider – the importance of great relationships.

Every presentation, including those from FWD’s James Bielby, Bidcorp’s Andrew Selley, Premier Foods’ Ellie Krupa, and Booker’s Jonny McQuarrie – referenced the importance of relationships – creating them, building them, prioritising them and maintaining them. Not only does this lead to improved synergies and connections, but great relationships throughout the supply chain dramatically improves communication, performance and results – the ultimate win win.

The event also saw the launch of the Road to Net Zero sustainability report for the wholesale sector. The report was presented by Richard Sheane from 3Keel Group, outlined the strategic vision for the sector to reach net zero by 2040, and revealed a comprehensive climate action roadmap for wholesalers. The roadmap highlights the key challenges and outlines actions wholesalers need to take in order to decarbonise their operations and value chains. The report includes a four-step guide for wholesalers, plus a free calculator for all FWD and SWA members to help keep track of emissions. This can be viewed here:

Attendees were also treated to retail and foodservice panel sessions, the Future Leaders Forum, and a session from leaders across the sector.

Readmore about the event, its speakers and its findings in Wholesale News issue 2307 and online here.

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