FWD’s Future Leaders Forum takes on AI

FWD’s Future Leaders Forum utilises artificial intelligence to create its mission statement

The Future Leaders Forum, (FLF) which falls under FWD’s Diversity in Wholesale umbrella, is expanding since its inception just over a year ago. Now, in a first of its kind, the Forum has used AI to create its mission statement.

Members were asked to describe in four words what the FLF means to them; to outline key challenges in their daily role and how the group could support this; identify key needs in the sector; and finally, what they wanted to get out of being in the FLF.

The results were put through Chat GPT and the first mission statement of the FLF, born out of AI, is here:

“The aim of the Future Leaders Forum is to create a vibrant and inclusive community that connects, supports, and empowers young professionals in the wholesale industry. Through networking events, mentoring programs, and informative sessions, it strives to facilitate personal and professional growth, fosters diversity and innovation, and builds a supportive community that addresses common challenges. It aims to inspire and showcase the abundant talent within the wholesale sector, while also driving positive change and shaping the future of leadership in the industry.”

“This group has their finger on the pulse of new technology, as shown at our annual conference in June,” said Lyndsey Cambridge, Head of Engagement and Communications, FWD. “They understand the need to embrace changing technology but also the need for caution in how it’s utilised in business. Following the debate, and a suggestion from the group, we were excited to task the FLF with help in creating a mission statement, which was generated by AI. It’s an exciting first for the FWD and a first for the FLF.”

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