A sweet treat for Dhamecha customers

Perfetti Van Melle hosted an activation day for Chupa Chups to showcase the full range and an enticing promotion

Photography: Roy Kilcullen

Watch the video below to see the event in action:

Chupa Chups form an essential part of any retailer’s confectionery display, so the Perfetti Van Melle team knew that an activation day, featuring mouth-watering promotions, was bound to be a hit.

The team hosted the day at Dhamecha in Hayes to showcase the collection with an enticing promotion enabling retailers to bag a free lollipop display with any purchase of a Chupa Chups wheel and the classic whistle-shaped Melody Pop. Placed prominently by the entrance, the brightly coloured display was immediately visible.

“It has been fantastic to host a Chupa Chups activation day at Dhamecha,” says Jon Thurston, Perfetti Van Melle Senior National Account Manager. “Chupa Chups is the UK’s number one selling lollipop and is a brand that retailers can trust to boost their bottom line. It’s been a great opportunity to chat to retailers about the full range of products, including Stix, Big Babol and Chupa XXL .”

“If retailers display these products in their store, they will sell incredibly well and be a great asset for their business.”

Activations such as this are a great tool for encouraging increased basket spend in depot, says depot manager, Vinod Ramgi: “Retailers are always on the hunt to snap up a bargain in store, and they’re very interested in promotional items. It’s all about providing a better margin for retailers, and they are more likely to make repeat purchases if they know they can access promotions and deals.”

“I encourage suppliers to host activation days in depot as it’s a great way to showcase new promotions and products and encourage retailers to increase their basket spend.

“Chupa Chups is the number one confectionery item in the country. The range is definitely one of the best I can see in the market at the moment.”

A Nisa store retailer, Mr Ritim, agrees: “Chupa Chups is a very fast line and always sells incredibly well. It flies off the shelves as soon as I stock up. and it doesn’t just appeal to kids, but to adults too.”

Retailers are always looking out for NPD and wholesalers can help them by making a great selection of SKUs available.

Mav at Manor Stores confirms that his store experiences huge success with the products: “The whole range sells incredibly well. My customers are always looking to try new things, and Chupa Chups is definitely the number one selling item within the confectionery market, so it’s a safe purchase for me to make.

“When it comes to knowing what to stock, I’m very much dictated to by my customers.

My customers will come in and ask for certain products, and I always try my very best to locate what they’re after, as I know it’ll keep them coming back.

“I always display the Chupa Chups range prominently within my store. It’s usually on the front counter so that it’s eye-catching for kids that come into store.”

Rikash Patel from Central Store Slough said: “My customers have always got their eye out for new products in confectionery, especially the kids, and they love all of the Chupa Chups range. It’s a really big market at the moment.”

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