A.F. Blakemore and Inenco on energy award shortlist

A.F. Blakemore and Ineco have been shortlisted for the Energy Efficient Partnership of the Year at The Energy Awards, in recognition of their commitment to spearheading energy and carbon reduction initiatives over the past three years

Over this period, the partnership has achieved a progression in energy savings: 4.7% in year one, 6.0% in year two and by year three the saving had reached 7.1%. These efforts encapsulate both companies’ ambitions towards sustainability, resonating with AF Blakemore’s core value of ‘building a better future’ and Inenco’s commitment to ‘delivering better business in a greener world’.

The esteemed Energy Awards champion innovators and leaders in the energy sector, making this recognition an affirmation of the partners’ collaborative strength and their shared dedication to shaping a more sustainable future for all.

Commenting on the nomination, Michelle Walton from A.F. Blakemore said: “We are honoured to be shortlisted for the Energy Efficient Partnership of the Year Award. Our dedication to sustainability remains steadfast, driven by robust strategies that significantly reduce our energy consumption.

“From embracing state of the art equipment to championing carbon reduction initiatives, we are fully committed to our environmental responsibilities. This nomination is a testament to the strategic partnership between AF Blakemore and Inenco.

“The Inenco team has been excellent in providing comprehensive support across all operational areas. Their expertise has been instrumental in elevating our efficiency while instigating pivotal behavioural changes. We look forward to a future marked by sustainable innovation and even closer collaboration.”

The awards will take place in October at Grosvenor House, London.

A.F Blakemore Ineco