Booker locks down prices

To support its customers with their margins, Booker has launched its Autumn Catering Guide featuring its largest ever price lockdown

Reductions are across more than 700 butchery, Christmas and everyday essentials lines and are fixed until 2 January 2024.

Showcasing the latest catering products and prices, the Autumn Catering Guide features new products like the recently launched Chefs Larder Bratwurst/Frankfurter, New Bacon Chops and 8kg Gammon joint. Booker has also launched its new food-to-share solution with vegan and vegetarian options.

Within butchery, prices have been locked on lines like Frozen Turkey Butterfly at £4.49 per kilo, Frozen CKT Lamb Legs at £4.99 per kilo, Blackgate Signature Fillet at £29.99 per kilo, and consistent with all Booker’s Fresh Meat, which all benefit from a 100% money-back guarantee.

Other lines include Bisto 1.8kg at £9.99, whole/semi-skimmed milk 2lt at £1.35, Hovis Simple White 800g at 99p.

Darren Bown, Customer Director, Catering said, “Our customers are better off with Booker. We continue to listen to their feedback and focus on what’s important to them. We understand the challenges they face, which is why we have pulled out all the stops to give them our strongest package ever in our new Autumn Catering Guide. Showcasing our largest ever price lockdown on lines that really matter and will help with margin boosting. This will help caterers save money or make some additional profit during the busy season ahead.”

Booker Darren Bown pricing products