Country Range: Ending the year on a high

Country Range Group’s Chief Executive chats to Wholesale News as the group celebrates four new members in just 12 months

While 2023 didn’t start in the best way for the Country Range Group with two members – Thomas Ridley Foodservice and Harvest Fine Foods – leaving the Group after being acquired by Bidcorp, it is clear the year is ending on a positive note.

The four new members – Harlech Foodservice, Brook Street Foodservice, Arthur David, and Waterdene Foodservice – have come on board for one thing, says Martin Ward, Chief Executive.

“Of course our scale, pricing, and trading terms are incredibly important, but it’s the added value we bring that sets us apart,” he said.

“Offering a strong own brand and a great magazine is really beneficial for members, but it’s our collaboration that makes the group stand out. Our members are all independent and entrepreneurial; each one brings something different to the table, which enables the others to learn.

They are all at different stages of growth and by sharing their expertise and knowledge, everyone benefits.”

While this sounds idyllic, Martin admits that the Group isn’t for everyone: “We set high expectations of our members. We are structured and disciplined and for some, that’s not how they want to work. Ultimately, we want to work with family run businesses, where people matter.”

Country Range Group Martin Ward