Parfetts expands own label range

Parfetts has announced a significant expansion of its own label range from 125 lines to around 150 by the end of 2024

The range is developed to meet the specific needs of convenience retailers and consumers. Aiming to give consumers high-quality products at a low price while delivering impressive margins for retailers.

The wholesaler has extended the existing range of bagged sweets, launching three Stix and three gummies variants, all price marked at £1. The new products saw high demand on launch and sold out of the initial production in less than a month.

The launch of a new white bread SKU sold over 5,000 units in the first three weeks. While January saw the launch of a new wine range, Darwin’s Fox, which comes in three variants. The range has been in depot for less than a week and sold 500 cases.

The wholesaler has also recently introduced tinned tomatoes, baked beans, baked goods and a number of other key products to the range.

Commenting on the own label range, Jamie Ferguson, head of marketing at Parfetts, said: “Consumers are still feeling the pinch, so it’s essential for retailers to provide value across key product lines. Parfetts is also working hard to optimise margins for retailers, and that’s why we are expanding our own label range in 2024.

We are also continuing our strategy of helping retailers make more margin by continuing our programme and scale of promotions across the year.”

The Parfetts own-label range has proven successful and offers everything from impulse categories to household products, such as soft drinks, energy drinks, snacks and pet food. It has seen over 25% year-on-year growth to date.

The launch of Parfetts range of energy drinks, under the Xenergy Brand, consists of 10 products, generating over 20,000+case sales per week and outselling the leading brands in some cases by as much as 300% on certain SKUs. While monthly sales of own-label toilet rolls have grown by 411%, and some months outsell all the other brands put together.