Confex supports members with loyalty and rewards platform

Confex buying group has launched a loyalty and rewards platform to support its wholesale members and their retailers

In partnership with Jisp, Confex Savings Club will provide wholesalers the opportunity to reward their retailers for buying through them with exclusive product promotions and loyalty rewards at no added cost to the wholesaler.

The Confex Savings Club will allow brands to offer tailored promotions to retailers exclusively through Confex wholesale members, with them benefitting from an omni-channel marketing platform with advertising reach to retailers and shoppers.

Confex Savings Club introduces cutting-edge A.I. technology that connects supply chains and end consumers for tailored engagement, communication and rewards. Some of the connected highlights within the platform include A.I powered advertising, push notifications across channels, daily news feeds, social media integration and daily digital scratch cards and rewards.

New innovations include instant win and prize draw campaigns which are able to be deployed in the depot for retail engagement or in-store for shopper activation, both of which utilise existing packaging negating the need to re-print packaging and distribute printed media.

“We are delighted to be able to launch the Confex Savings Club in partnership with Jisp,” said Jess Douglas, chief operating officer at Confex Ltd. “We wanted to offer our wholesale members a loyalty and rewards platform they could roll out to their retailers, which builds loyalty for them while offering discounts and rewards to their retailer customers.

“We’ve worked hand-in-hand with Jisp all the way through the development process and we’re confident that this first for the wholesale sector will revolutionise the way retailers shop independent wholesalers. We represent over 10% of the UK wholesale market and we consider it our duty to assist them in delivering exclusive promotions that drive footfall and sales for them, while also benefitting the retailers and their customers.”

The Confex Savings Club also aims to change the dynamics of rewards and revenue share within the sector. Brand investment is shared throughout the supply chain with 40% being delivered directly to shoppers, 20% to operators and retailers and 5% to charity. This shared investment model defines a new approach for connected media and true visibility of marketing ROI.

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