Unitas Procurement service rolls out

Unitas is offering its 150 members centrally-negotiated rates on overhead purchases including energy supply and agency staff

With its goal of reducing operating costs through minimising indirect spend, Unitas Procurement Services has already seen one wholesaler report a £20,000 monthly saving.

Procurement specialist Auditel will manage the outsourced service, after carrying out a six-month trial in which Unitas members achieved average savings of 42% on stationery, 43% on packaging and 18.4% on Merchant Cards.

Additional savings will come from Auditel’s individual review of each businesses’ costs, which identifies the optimal volumes and specifications for the products purchased. One wholesaler in the trial is reducing its use of pallet wrap plastic by 12.7 tonnes as a result of adopting Auditel’s recommendation.

Unitas MD John Kinney said: “Helping our members reduce operating costs is one of Unitas’ strategic pillars, and working in partnership with Auditel has shown just how effective this collaborative approach can be for them. We are delighted to formalise an exclusive relationship with Auditel and fully outsource this service under the banner of Unitas Procurement Services.”

Chris Gallacher of United Wholesale (Scotland), another participant in the trial, said: “We joined Unitas to buy better. It’s no different if it’s the products we sell on to our customers, or the energy, fuel or paper clips we use ourselves. The group benefits from much better pricing from suppliers. For us, it’s a big plus plus. Since partnering with Auditel, we’ve been saving over £20,000 a month.”

Vipin Patara, Managing Director of SOS Wholesale added: “I couldn’t believe it when an office services supplier delivered a 55% saving on shelf edge strips against what we were previously paying.”

The service is free for Unitas members and there is no obligation to accept the deals offered.


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