Government introduces Tobacco and Vapes Bill

On 20 March, the government introduced the Tobacco and Vapes Bill which includes the generational ban on the sale of tobacco, and other restrictions on vape packaging, flavours and vape display restrictions

This means a generational ban on the sale of tobacco which means children turning 15 this year or younger will never legally be able to be sold tobacco.

This policy is to come in effect January 1, 2027 and wholesalers are exempt from the ban The bill states that: “The age of sale restriction does not apply to sales in the course of a business so would not prevent someone born after 1 January 2009 from being employed in a tobacco retail business or wholesaler.”

Regarding vaping, the government has brought forward enabling powers in the bill which allows the minister to set out at a later date the specific vape packaging, displays and flavour restrictions it will introduce. A consultation will be published by the government later this year.

Government Tobacco and Vapes Bill