Time to disrupt: Read Wholesale News issue 2403

When pulling together issue 2403, a theme quickly began to emerge about daring to be different. To innovate. To think creatively. This issue explores ways to do exactly that…

You know your customers are under time pressure. Retailers race against the clock every time they visit the depot and wholesalers need to cut through the noise of products and promotions. On pages 24–25 we discover how in-depot activations are commercial gamechangers, influencing right at point of purchase.

We talk to Suma, a co-operative wholesaler which began in the 1970s and has gone from strength to strength while still remaining true to its ethical, purpose-driven roots. This independent wholesale business trades on its own unique terms and it makes a fascinating read.

On pages 21–22, we explore open banking as a way for wholesalers to reduce cost. What is it, how does it work and what do wholesalers need to know to make it successful?

On pages 10–11, the eWholesale Collective summarises the invaluable ecommerce advice and tips it shared on its first wholesaler webinar.

While wholesale may be rooted in tradition, this issue proves that it’s innovation and creativity, with a dose of passion, that drives it forward. I really hope you enjoy the read.

Stephenie Shaw

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