Bidfood launches immersive care home platform

Bidfood has launched an immersive support platform to support care homes facing staff shortages and skill challenges

The platform, Interactive Care Home, provides innovative solutions for a variety of challenging situations across the sector, such as rising food costs and limited resources using 75 interactive elements including specialist diets, product guides, videos and Bidfood’s free e-learning site, Caterers Campus.

Users can access a range of videos where one of Bidfood’s experts will offer their professional advice on various areas including nutrition, creating innovative and delicious dishes, as well as how to shop and save time using their multi-award-winning e-commerce site, Bidfood Direct.

Business Development Controller for Education & Healthcare, Gavin Squires, said: “We are thrilled to have launched this latest campaign for the sector. Our aspiration is for this platform to become the go-to industry source, where all care homes can access a comprehensive overview of the support readily available for their care home from Bidfood.

“We aim for it to be a place for thought leadership, product innovation, and trailblazing content. The Interactive Care Home has been developed to become an integral tool for our customers as well as an innovative showcase to all care homes.”

To enter The Interactive Care Home, simply click here.

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