Woods Foodservice: Edging closer to Net Zero

With a vision to be the UK’s most sustainable foodservice company, Woods Foodservice shares some of the most significant steps it’s taken so far

In its bid to achieve Net Zero status by 2030, Woods Foodservice has held carbon neutral status for the past three years, which is no mean feat.

To achieve and maintain this, the Uxbridge-based wholesaler has implemented an ambitious sustainability strategy with a detailed action plan.

Working with carbon accounting platform Greenly, Woods has implemented a vast range of initiatives including installing bespoke, fully insulated solar panels. The energy generated from this helps to run the warehouse, supplemented by Pozitive Energy, a green energy supplier of 100% renewable electricity.

Other measures in the depot include the installation of electronic shutter doors which are sensor operated to maintain the correct temperatures, plus plastic curtains installed to minimise temperature loss when the doors are opened.


Evaporative coolers help optimise air moisture and temperature allowing the warehouse to cool using significantly less energy. This also creates softer air and controls humidity, perfect to ensure that produce stays consistent and fresh.

There is a water harvesting system to maximise the use of rainwater, plus a three-way interceptor installed to ensure wastewater from van washing and floor washing is filtered in a safe way.

The fleet includes two electric delivery vehicles with solar panels installed on them to reduce energy used in electric charging. There are also biodiesel delivery vans which minimise greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution. Woods also has its own biodiesel container installed to reduce travel miles for refuel. The entire forklift fleet is electric.

All vans comply with Euro 6 ratings while company cars are all fully electric making them exempt from road tax and congestion charging. The entire fleet complies with London’s strict low emission policy. The Woods team even made the decision to keep refrigerated vans white to reduce the amount of energy absorbed on sunny days and keep temperatures down.

For its staff, Woods offers a cycle to work scheme and an electric car scheme, plus there are chargers on site. It has also introduced Meat Free Mondays to encourage employees to reduce their meat intake.

carbon neutral electric vehicle net zero renewable energy Woods Foodservice