Going the extra mile

Birchall Foodservice pulls out all the stops to refresh charity walkers in style

More than 2,600 walkers taking part in the annual Pendle Pub Walk were treated to a gin and prosecco bar, as well as a full catering hub offering hot beef, pork and turkey sandwiches and lentil and chickpea curry, all provided by Birchall Foodservice. The Lancashire-based family business also donated £500 towards the meat costs.
The catering hub was stationed in the garden of Colin Birchall, company chairman, which was on the pub walk route. He said: “It was an overwhelming success. Who knew that I could cram that many people into my back garden? The atmosphere was fantastic and I’m thrilled that Birchall Foodservice was able to be a part of such a brilliant and vital fundraising event.” 
The event, which involves a 10-mile, 17-venue trek, raised an astonishing £80,000 for Burnley and Pendleside Hospice.
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