What’s in July’s Wholesale News?

Get the inside track on the future of wholesale inside this month’s issue

More eagle-eyed Wholesale News fans will have spotted that it’s been a bit longer than usual since May’s edition – and that’s because we wanted to bring you the most comprehensive coverage of FWD’s Future of Wholesale conference.

Packed with insight from industry experts, there is loads to read about in this issue, with seven pages of content to sink your teeth into.

There’s also plenty on some of the emerging trends, so keep an eye out for your copy of Wholesale News and get a taste of what the industry has in store. Here’s a preview of what’s coming:

The future of wholesale

Whether you attended and want a recap, or are keen to find out what all the fuss is about, here’s your ticket to discover all the big talking points from the Fast FWD >>. The Future of Wholesale conference.

Blurred lines

Retail and foodservice have always been separate entities, but now a growing trend of merging the two is causing wholesalers to think

Organic growth

After posting record figures in 2017, organic sales have never been healthier. Wholesale News explores why this trend is here to stay and why wholesalers could be missing out if they fail to break new ground

Knowledge is power

As the Bolt Learning revolution grows further into wholesale, Director Tom Fender explains why training is the backbone to industry success

Fuelling the future

How technology to fuel vehicles with natural gas could soon be building a greener future for wholesalers

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