Drinking drop revealed in industry study

KAM Media’s Generation Z research discovers several up-and-coming trends

A new survey has discovered that nearly two in every five 18- to 24-year-olds claim to be teetotal, as the new wave of consumers begin to make a bigger impact on the UK market.

The findings, from a study called Tomorrow’s Shopper Today carried out by insight agency KAM Media, found that this rate of non-drinkers is nearly double that of the older age groups and could signal one of the biggest shifts in alcohol consumption in recent decades.

It’s just one of the big changes to the food-and-drink market that the younger generation could trigger according to the study, with other trends suggesting that fewer are eating meat based on only 59% of 1,000 youngsters taking part in the study saying the eat meat compared to nine in 10 of the total UK population.

If nothing else, the findings shed light on the growing influence that Generation Z is having on the market and it’s time wholesalers and others businesses sat up and take notice.

“If you search the internet, there is a lot of conjunction about Generation Z – some with facts and some without. One thing for sure though is that a lot of people are talking about them and with good reason,” said KAM Media’s Strategy and Insight Director Blake Gladman, who created the study.

“Generation Z will shape the way we shop, eat, drink and interact with brands because technology will lead the way and it’s being driven by the influencers and no generation is more influential than Gen Z.”

Tomorrow’s Shopper Today focuses on Generation Z’s belief, ideals and ethics, and provides answers to what they expect from brands and retailers both in the on-trade and off-trade channels.

Katy Moses, Managing Director at KAM Media, said: “This research can provide brands and retailers in the off and on trade with essential insight into what Generation Z want from them and how you can deliver against it in order to ensure that you’re influencing the influencers and not being left in the past.”

Read the full interview with Gladman in September’s edition of Wholesale News.

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