Time charity gives the gift of water

Wholesaler’s community efforts provide a lifeline to underprivileged children

A project masterminded by a London-based wholesaler has completed its first mission in the war against the global water crisis.

The Every Well Water Foundation was founded by Time Wholesale’s Managing Director Sony Bihal and aims to build wells, taps, pumps and toilets in Africa and Asia to provide clean drinking water for struggling communities – and has just installed its pump in Queenstown, South Africa.

The merry-go-round pump, which supplies a school in the town, produces fresh water to be stored in a huge tank that is connected to a tap within the school grounds, whereas previously the children were forced to gather rain water to drink.

“The water crisis causes 840,000 deaths a year,” said Bihal. “Ten years ago, 1.1 billion people had no access to safe, clean water. Two years ago, this has reduced to 740 million and today, it’s 663 million. I believe we can make a real difference together and solve the water crisis in our lifetime.”

Bihal hopes to gain industry support to continue Every Well Water Foundation’s work and held an annual gala dinner at the start of November to raise money and awareness, with an annual trade day on 4 December. In addition, the charity has launched own-brand bottled water, called Every Well, with a guaranteed 1p per bottle donated to the charity.

To find out how you can support the charity, attend the trade day or stock Every Well, get in touch with Mica Bihal at micabihal@timews.co.uk


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