Caterforce announces annual growth

Growth attributed to member investment, says foodservice buying group

Caterforce has announced sales growth of £54m during the past year. The buying group is attributing it to member investment, enhanced supplier relationships, the success of its own-label range, and mobilisation of group purchasing.

“We pride ourselves on working with our members and suppliers in a way that benefits everyone with the end consumer always in mind,” said Nick Redford, Managing Director of Caterforce (pictured above). “We have an extensive distribution network and our strategic business model enables us to harness group synergies in the most effective way. This has significantly contributed to our recent achievements.”

The buying group comprises seven of the UK’s biggest wholesalers: JB Foods, Pioneer, Pilgrim, Castell Howell, Hunts, Philip Dennis and Lynas. Its network reaches all over the UK, Scotland and Ireland.

Three of the company’s own-brand products, Cocoa Powder, Barra Gallega and Extra Virgin Olive Oil, were recognised in the ‘Great Taste’ awards. The Chefs’ Selections range has grown into a £50m+ brand since its launch back in 2012.

“Chefs’ Selections has gone from strength to strength since its inception and is a key area of focus for us this year,” continued Redford. “The range provides good quality, cost-effective alternatives to more expensive everyday industry food products. We have spent significant business time and resource developing and improving the products including extensive taste testing, enhanced technical support, benchmarking and regular quality assurance reviews.”

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