Birchall Foodservice workshops are a big hit

Events provide caterers with insight into new dysphagia guidelines

Birchall Foodservice and Premier Foods joined forces to hold two workshops for care catered as they get to grips with the new dysphagia framework.

The International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI) framework comes into force from 1 May and provides new guidelines for how to cater for people who have difficulty swallowing, with the events providing practical help and advice for Birchall’s customers.

The workshops were the latest in a series of events held to engage with Birchall’s customers, as the foodservice wholesaler aims to give added value to their customer base.

“Demand for our two workshops were extremely high and the places were filled within a matter of hours,” said Birchall Director, Keith Horner.

“Dysphagia is not only a major consideration in care settings, but we are also seeing increasing demand for texture-modified foods in the profit sector too.

“Our free and informative workshops provided customers with the practical knowledge they need to ensure they can successfully roll out the IDDSI guidelines in their own establishments.”

The workshop – held at Birchall’s headquarters in Burnley – was hosted by demonstration chef and trainer James Ball, who explained the new IDDSI descriptors and testing methods, and showed customers how to make a range of texture-modified recipes, including kedgeree, minted lamb with pea and potato puree, chicken salad and fruit crumble.

Birchall’s customers were impressed by the quality of the events, with plenty of points clarified throughout the day according to Belong Atherton’s Bistro Catering Manager, Christine Thomas.

“The workshop cleared up a few grey areas for us and it was brilliant to see the different texture classifications demonstrated,” she said. “It was also really helpful from a practical point of view to taste the various dishes.

“For example, I would never have thought of trying to make a texture-modified salad, but it was delightful and will definitely be something we’ll introduce on our menus.”

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