KAM Media unveils on trade trends

Report offers latest insight into the UK pub and bar sector

Wholesalers are set to benefit from a new report outlining the latest insight into the UK pub and bar sector.

KAM Media compiled the report by putting more than 100 questions to 1,000 UK pub customers in order to get the low-down on their decision-making and pub-going behaviours. This research is featured alongside insight from industry experts and interviews with 100 UK publicans.

“We see challenges and opportunities for the pub and bar sector through the insights in this report,” commented Blake Gladman, Strategy and Insight Director at KAM Media.

“It highlights the importance of knowing your customers and the value in taking some risks to ensure you stay one step ahead. One thing’s for sure, customers are becoming more demanding as their awareness of the wider world grows.

“The mass consumption of media and the 24/7 conversation culture means that customers are more discerning, and it’s getting harder to win their trust and loyalty. We need to embrace the changes that the modern world presents and combine it with the traditional values at the core of the pub and bar sector – we can’t afford to lose focus on either aspect otherwise we lose the heart and the head. The future is bright but only if we continue to move at the pace our customers expect and demand.”

Katy Moses, Managing Director at KAM Media, added: “This comprehensive research report contains the highlights of an extensive research project conducted by KAM in March and April 2019, making it not just interesting and informative, but also highly current. I believe that it provides actionable and relevant insight to help us all to grow sales in the exciting Great British pub industry.”

June’s issue of Wholesale News will feature a more in depth look at the analysis, but in the meantime the report is available to purchase directly from KAM Media.

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