JJ Foodservice’s burger campaign grows sales

Think Inside The Bun promotion achieves mouth-watering success

A focus on higher-quality burgers has the desired impact for JJ Foodservice after seeing sales more than double following the launch of a juicy campaign.

The wholesaler’s Think Inside The Bun promotion went live in January 2019, triggering a 115% sales increase for its gourmet and Texan burgers in the year’s second quarter.

JJ’s campaign was masterminded to encourage caterers to increase sales and margins with better quality, premium burgers and raised awareness of the gourmet and Texan burgers that contain up to 98% beef.

The multi-channel marketing activity included print, video, digital and social media, and clearly the did the trick with volume increasing by 91%.

While sales and volume growth indicated the campaign was a success, JJ also ran a survey with gourmet burger customers to zone in on what it had achieved.

And while 36% of those surveyed said they weren’t aware of the range at the start of the year, that did change. Figures showed that 98% thought quality of the range was good, very good or excellent and 95% said the flavour of the product was tasty, very tasty or delicious.

Other results found that 87.5% described the value for money for the burgers is good, very good or excellent, and 95% of gourmet burgers would recommend JJ’s burger range.

As part of the foodservice wholesaler’s commitment to delivering high-quality service, JJ will also be giving restaurants and takeaways the chance to win a free case of gourmet burgers on its Facebook page from 22 August for National Burger Week.



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