Video: See Sanderson ePOD in action

Save money on invoicing costs with ePOD

“ePOD saves us 4 hours of admin per day and we’ve saved £5000 on invoice printing costs” says Woods Foodservice Ltd

Part of the cloud-based digital solutions suite, the Sanderson electronic proof of delivery (ePOD)solution is used by wholesale businesses to elevate customer service levelsand boost delivery efficiency.

See how ePOD automates the delivery process, captures customer signatures and enables staff to carry out delivery amendments at customer sites, increasing the speed and accuracy of deliveries.

The video gives a stage by stage view of how ePOD is used in the delivery process and you’ll also see ePOD in action at Sanderson customer Caterite – it’s helping them to achieve faster and more efficient deliveries.

A growing number of Sanderson customers are enhancing delivery services using ePOD. This is a clear message that forward-thinking wholesalers are recognising the need to equip their delivery teams with leading-edge tools to provide the highest quality service whilst at customer sites.

Watch the new video here

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