Bestway Wholesale strengthens retail offer

New initiatives improve service to both unaffiliated retailers and members of the wholesaler’s best-one symbol group

The initiatives follow the move of the best-one brand from Bestway Wholesale to Bestway Retail earlier this year, with teams in both divisions of the business given clear focuses to improve the offer to retail customers, whether a cash and carry and Xtra Local retail club offer under Bestway Wholesale or a branded fascia offer with a consumer focus under Bestway Retail.

Bestway is also nearing completion of a depot hub project, making 23 of its more than 60 depots delivery hubs with fast-pick areas and increased numbers of loading bays, among other features, which will improve delivery efficiencies and the service to delivered customers, while still offering collection to local customers, while with deliveries removed the remaining depots now have additional room to improve the collect range they stock and increase focus on the in-depot shopping experience.

New improvements to the company’s operational structure will further improve delivery options for customers and give customers more choice, including investment in the Bestway Chilled Distribution Centre, increasing it in size by 50%. The move has enabled Bestway to introduce 1,500 additional chilled lines into its range, half of which are available for single pick to give customers maximum choice and flexibility when ordering the range on the website or app

The wholesaler has also routed the chilled and some bakery ranges through one central location, offering better date-life and pricing for retailers on these products.

To also improve product availability and choice, Bestway has introduced a common range of 5,000 products across all of its depots, ensuring consistency of the most popular products that retailers need.

Digital enhancements have also improved the shopping experience for Bestway’s retail customers, with an order-tracking feature launched on both the app and the website, giving customers a convenient four-hour delivery window and making them aware of any product substitutions at the point of pick. This feature has already saved time for 35% of customers asked and has ensured customers can ensure staff are available to receive an order.

“With 44% of the Bestway business now delivered, it’s been important for us to optimise our supply chain and delivery structure to ensure the customer has the best possible experience and maximum choice of products and ways to shop, whether they are delivered or shopping in depot”, said Ashar Rehman, Head of Operations at Bestway Wholesale. “Depot and sales teams have also been given clear focuses through the depot hub project and by aligning the reporting structure of the best-one symbol group within Bestway Retail.”

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