JJ Foodservice sends support to Leeds hospital

There was nothing fishy about a drop off JJ Foodservice made to a hospital ward – in fact, there wasn’t a scale in sight.

The foodservice wholesaler delivered 1,500 veggie fish and chip meals to the cystic fibrosis ward at St James Hospital in Leeds as the business continued its efforts to engage with communities during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Following the closure of many schools across the nation, JJ Foodservice was left with spare supplies so organised to donate 4,800 veggie fish fingers, 425kg of chips 47kg of mushy peas to the Yorkshire hospital.

The ward, which helps people who suffer from the genetic condition that affects the lungs and other organs, houses more than 4oo vulnerable adults who are in a high-risk group to catch the deadly coronavirus strand.

“Senior Charge Nurse Jason Swarbrooke and his team on the Unit are doing an incredible job under challenging circumstances,” said Head of Operations, Sedat Kaan Hendekli. “We were pleased we were able to do something small to help.”

JJ Foodservice has been listed as an alternative supplier on the Cystic Fibrosis Trust website and is just one of several initiatives the wholesaler has launched into in recent weeks as the crisis shakes the entire nation.

One of the most popular was a move by JJ to create a Just for Heroes service that means members of the NHS, police force and fire brigade get VIP, fast-track treatment if they visit any of the foodservice provider’s depots.

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