Brands unite for e-commerce growth

Some of the channel’s brightest minds are coming together to form a new group focusing on improving wholesale’s e-commerce offering.

Called the eWholesale Collective, the band of experts is made up of representatives from Red Bull, Diageo, Mars Wrigley and PepsiCo and is aiming to aid wholesalers to make the most of their digital sales.

The group has already worked together on an e-commerce hackathon at the end of 2019 and wants to extend this with a series of activity throughout the year.

Initially, the eWholesale Collective will be raising awareness of the key issues the sector needs to consider for e-commerce best practice with a series of pieces across Wholesale News’s platforms, but they will also have a presence at FWD’s conference later this year.

There are also plans for the group to host another event towards the end of 2020 that will include wholesalers and service providers, as well as input from end users from retail and foodservice backgrounds.

“The importance of having a fit-for-purpose e-commerce platform has never been greater for the wholesale channel – for wholesalers and suppliers,” says Head of Category & E-Commerce Lotte Tregear.

“We want to play a key role to work with partners to share the best ways to sell more online and with more customers turning to digital to place orders as the need for convenience becomes ever-more pressing.”

The group is also keen for individuals and brands to offer their e-commerce insights. If you’re interested to find out more, email

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