Price-Marked Packs: Do we want them back?

With some suppliers cutting back on price-marked packs (PMPs) as part of range rationalisations during Covid-19, FWD asked a group of experts if they wanted them back.

The federation hosted an online event for suppliers and wholesalers to debate the big issues in the sector, with several high-profile individuals contributing their views on the future use of PMPs.

Some brands have reduced the circulation of PMPs in response to the coronavirus pandemic, leading to questions over their role in the long-term.

Among the speakers included Bestway Trade Director Kenton Burchell, Parfetts Joint Managing Director Greg Suszczenia, DCS CCO Clare Bocking and Heineken Business Unit Director Jonathan Ford.

But did they expect PMPs to get a renaissance or have we seeing the beginning of the end for them?

FWD is hosting a series of online events – including a discussion on the Covid convenience boom last week – to keep members informed and to provide advice during the coronavirus crisis, so keep an eye out on Wholesale News for more.

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