Women in Wholesale: Redundancy as a new beginning

As companies tighten their belts due to the Covid-19 outbreak, job security is at the forefront of some people’s minds – but Women in Wholesale (WiW) is keen to show redundancy doesn’t have to be the end.

In the latest vlog in WiW’s Take Control series, which is being hosted on Wholesale News, Founder Elit Rowland discusses redundancy with Kirsty Cooper, who has recently set up Kirsty Cooper Consultancy after leaving her last job.

Cooper shares her experiences of being made redundant and the phases she went through after finding out she was being let go and how she turned those initial negative feelings into a positive.

Among a series of topics, Cooper discusses how she found comfort in the Kubler-Ross curve, which shows the five stages a person goes through after a significant loss, and how she decided the actions she’d take to bounce back.

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